The Big Event

So your big day is coming up and you want to look and feel your best, you have visualized this special day over and over in your head and want it to be perfect in every way. No matter if it is a wedding, birthday, holiday or any other occasion, 'The Big Event' package will give you that body and confidence you are hoping for.

'The Big Event' package will get you looking good for your special day through motivational personal training and nutritional sessions. It is for any fitness level and focuses on achieving fast effective results in a set time frame.  Since everyone has different needs and fitness goals, the packages are structured to target specific individual concerns. This may include: dropping a dress size, upper body definition, posture, weight loss, muscle gain or toning.  

Whether you are the bride, groom, birthday girl or guest to the event, everyone wants to look good for those big occasions!

About The Experience

  • SAVE TIME - I will design, manage and implement your program so you can focus on training at your best.

  • TRACK & VISUALISE PROGRESS - I help you to stay on track, provide movement options for all fitness levels, and keep you accountable.

  • PROGRAMMING - Training program designed by a certified strength & conditioning coach that includes warm ups, exercise schedules, mobility routines and tips to follow on mindset, nutrition & lifestyle.

  • REAL TIME MESSAGING - So you can quickly get in touch with me for any questions or concerns about your training.

  • EASY WORKOUT LOGGING - View exercise demos, past exercise history, training results, and progress all from the same spot.

  • ASSESSMENTS - I will periodically add body stat, progress photos and/or benchmark fitness assessments into programming to identify progression and ensure you are on target to meet the specific goals from your program.

What To Expect

You can choose to do this training package either via Personal Training or Online Training.

Personal Training

You will commit to 20 x Personal Training sessions over a 12 Week Period!

One-off Payment = £1000 (£50 per session)

Each session runs for 45 minutes and gives us optimal time to focus on your goals. I kindly ask you are warmed up and ready for the session to maximize your training time. You will also be given mobility exercises specific to your needs and you can then cool down and stretch in your own time.

Online Training

You will commit to 20 x Online Training sessions over a 12 Week Period!

One-off Payment = £250

Being with a personal coach increases your level of motivation and accountability for your workout. In order for you to be successful in achieving your fitness goals, it is crucial you are committed and are ready for the lifestyle challenge. The decision to start training is your choice and a positive choice. Your time is valuable, so I want to make your training sessions convenient for you.

If you commit to your goal, with my support, you will see fantastic results from this program!

Bride and groom, couples, and paired discounts are available on request!

Be Accountable

I can provide motivation, encouragement and accountability which will ensure you are ready for your big day.

Nutrition Check-In

You will be asked to do a 3-Day Food Diary to help gauge an understanding of your diet and times of meals and actual food and liquid intake.

Stay On Track

To look great in that dress or suit, the program will entail regular assessments and body measurements to ensure the exercises are meeting your goals and time frames.

How It Works


Introduce yourself we can come up with the best plan to help you achieve them!


During this chat I will ask you what are your main goals going forward? What do you hope to achieve? I will then generate a plan for your specific goals, activity, sport or event.


I will also gather data about all aspects of your life and training. This includes your past experiences in fitness, and will also address the effects of sleep, recovery, nutrition and work schedule on your goal. The data collection will cover the entire spectrum of what you have going on in your life.


Once we have a plan in place the first part of your fitness journey is a short assessment period specific to your goals. Here I gather your body stats, progress photos and undertake some short fitness tests. The results from this data allows me to identify any structural weakness, mechanical advantages/disadvantages and the true priorities needed in your training program to get you to where you want to be. I will periodically revisit these same assessments into your program to help ensure we are on track.


After a thorough understanding of your assessment results, fitness background, lifestyle factors, schedule, priorities, and what you are looking to achieve, I will design and implement your training plan. Using state of the art technology, you are held accountable and I can track daily progress and constantly upgrade programming to match the evolving fitness journey.


Its then up to you to get started training on your comprehensive program built specifically for you. Walk into the weight room with confidence, knowing that you have the right workout every time and input your data via the training app. I will be available to offer support and advice to you on a regular basis, the app allows comments to be made, queries to be answered, videos to be uploaded, and I will receive a notification every time you send something over. This is my way to ensure consistency, revisit goals and make sure everything is aligned with your long term goals.

Begin Your Journey Now

Email at

Call at 07700705145

Or, come see me in person at
Jersey CrossFit Gym, 24 Commercial Buildings, St Helier, JE2 3NB

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